Bespoke Book Services

THE PAGE WHISPERER IS ABIGAIL SHAW, London based author, owner of a BA in History of Ideas and Philosophy and co-founder of Prudence and the Crow, the bespoke vintage book subscription service. In the past she has worked with The National Trust. Now she sources hundreds of books each month for her Prudence and the Crow subscribers, personally matching books to people based on their individual preferences and has helped thousands of readers find their next perfect book.

The following services are here offered:

  • LIBRARY EVALUATION. Creating, arranging and/or extending a collection of books for yourself or a client.

  • BOOK CURATION for film and television. Character-appropriate libraries or bookshelves arranged to your requirements.

  • WEDDING STYLING. Curated books for decor and gifts.

  • LITERARY COUNCIL for those who think of themselves as readers but can't remember the last time they read.

  • GUIDANCE for those who have inherited or otherwise acquired a large number of books.

  • IN-PERSON CONSULATION available in the South-West London and Surrey areas.

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